Behind The Lines – Hodge Close Quarry

Behind the Lines (HVS 5a 33m) at Hodge Close Quarry is another climb that I seconded some time ago and have wanted to lead ever since. Being only my third ever 5a lead (the first was Endurance and the second kick Off) I was a little bit psyched but determined to climb well. Dan from […]

Murray’s Route – Dow Crag

Every time I’m in the Coniston area I find myself gazing up at Dow Crag. Having seconded Murray’s Route a few years ago I’ve kept promising myself that I’d return to lead it; but a combination of poor weather, poor planning and a long walk in have kept me away. The first day of June […]

Rock Climbing Update

Warmer weather is here and tomorrow I’m off for a days climbing on Dow Crag but first here’s a brief update on the outdoor climbing that I’ve done so far this year. Whitestones – seconded Cracked Wall (HS) and Moose (HS), all very straightforward. Stonestar – led a climb that had previously sandbagged me, but […]

Back To The Wall and Set In Stone

After a month spent drinking beer and eating too much I returned to Kendal climbing wall for the usual Tuesday night session. It was packed and finding a line to climb on wasn’t easy so we warmed up on the easy sections. I usually try not to tire myself out straight way and climb progressively […]

Raven Crag Langdale and Gate Crag Eskdale

June 19, 2008 I’ve been under the weather recently. A cold that should have gone days ago has persisted like a worn out Labour government. Last Tuesday we fetched up at Raven Crag again but our planning went wrong. During the usual last minute phone call session, West Raven somehow became Far East Raven, and […]

Climbing Update

June 5, 2008 Had a sore back so missed a week of climbing but resumed last Thursday evening with a visit to Wallowbarrow Crag. Sue led Digitation (48m MVS 4b, 4b) which merits its two stars. Got attacked by midges with very sharp teeth, who seemed attracted to my insect repellant. Went to the Newfield […]