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Joe Beaumont Coast to Coast Challenge

I haven't been climbing much recently, just one faboulously sunny day out at Wallowbarrow earlier this year. My last previous climb of any note was Behind The Lines at Hodge Close back in June 2009 - I really must get out more! Whilst at Hodge Close I met Joe Beaumont who climbed what I found difficult with ease, was very friendly and forwarded … [Read More...]

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Ullswater Outdoor Festival

Carlisle Blues Rock Festival

Bradgelina to visit the Lake District

Water Yeat Village Hall Presents Radio KFK

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Whitewater Hotel To The Rescue

I'm sure you know what it is like with a fractious hungry family? We went to the newly opened Swan Hotel Newby Bridge for dinner to be told that they were only serving residents from 5.00-9.00 pm!! Plan B turned out to be a winner, we decided to go to the Whitewater at Backbarrow which … [Read More...]

Swan Hotel Newby Bridge

After a frankly fraught early evening in the company of a bored pre teen I decided the only way to rescue the evening was with a meal out. Being near Xmas our first couple of choices were full of people wearing Xmas hats so we decided to try the bar at the Swan Hotel. I plumped for … [Read More...]

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