Back To The Wall and Set In Stone

After a month spent drinking beer and eating too much I returned to Kendal climbing wall for the usual Tuesday night session. It was packed and finding a line to climb on wasn’t easy so we warmed up on the easy sections. I usually try not to tire myself out straight way and climb progressively harder until I reach my limit so after a pleasant 5+ went for a 6a next only to find that I’d lost most of what power I had in my arms and fingers. Took it easy for the rest of the evening, then called in for a pint at the top house at Lindale on the way home.

Decided to cheer myself up by watching “Set In Stone” the Dave Birkett DVD which features one of the worlds best climbers doing his stuff on the hardest routes in the Lake District. Capturing¬† the complexity of height and the effects of gravity on film are difficult, more so when the film features a man who makes the almost impossible look straightforward, but this DVD does the job well.

That Dave Birkett climbs at the limit of what is currently possible is beyond doubt as the majority of his harder routes are unrepeated i.e. no one else can do them. I was pleased then, to find that the DVD contains a Dave Birkett master-class on warming up which has to be seen to be believed.

Hugely entertaining if you’re into climbing and available here

Follow the link for more information on rock climbing in the lake district