The Walney to Carlisle Scenic Route

May 8, 2008 One of our climbing crew pilots a private plane (a 1966 Piper) from the beyond (that’s south of Lancaster) to the lakes, when the weather is suitable. Today I was invited to join him on a flight over the lake district. We left Walney airport around 2pm and followed the coast past […]

Who Wants To Live In The Lake District?

April 7, 2008 Well frankly, who wouldn’t? I was surfing the net today, and came across a blog by a woman called Claire Chapman who is a professional coach. Claire is one person who would like to live here, what about you? You can read her post here:

Ambleside Tents and Trainers

April 2, 2008 Took a drive up to Ambleside on Saturday as Sue wanted some new trainers, or to give them their chic outdoor gear name, approach shoes. On the way into town we passed hayes garden centre and noticed that there was a tent sale in the field adjacent to hayes. I remember seeing […]

Cow Lane and Bay Horse

March 22, 2008 Took a stroll down West End Lane in Ulverston yesterday afternoon heading for Canal Foot. We set off in bright sunshine but by the time we got to Sandside, snow and hail was falling. We upped the pace a liitle and took sanctury in the Bay Horse Hotel. A couple of pints […]

Scarred for Life

March 21, 2008 Despite the lake district weather forecast predicting rain and a howling gale today, it’s actually bright and sunny, perhaps it will get worse later … Around forty years ago, my mother took me to the Furness Model Railway Exhibition, not because I was interested in model trains, but because a 60’s superstar […]

Ulverston monument saved

March 11, 2008 So the Sir John Barrow monument in Ulverston is saved to the tune of £891,000 from the National Lottery! There are those in the town who say let it fall down, but it is such an iconic landmark, bringing tourism and tourism money into the town and Cumbria generally. Ulverston is so […]