Scarred for Life

March 21, 2008

Despite the lake district weather forecast predicting rain and a howling gale today, it’s actually bright and sunny, perhaps it will get worse later …

Around forty years ago, my mother took me to the Furness Model Railway Exhibition, not because I was interested in model trains, but because a 60’s superstar would be there …

When i finally shoved my first day cover under his nose and asked him to autograph it, he barked at me “why didn’t you queue up with everyone else?.”

Anyway, he signed it, no doubt noting the shattering of dreams and illusions now established on my six year old face. For me it was similar to the realisation that Father Christmas wasn’t real.

Of course, I was childishly unaware that he’d been signing autographs for three hours solid, partly because we’d turned up late, and partly because, well it just didn’t occur to me.

The name of the dream shatterer …

Peter Purvis of Blue Peter fame

Switched to Magpie after that