Ambleside Tents and Trainers

April 2, 2008

Took a drive up to Ambleside on Saturday as Sue wanted some new trainers, or to give them their chic outdoor gear name, approach shoes. On the way into town we passed hayes garden centre and noticed that there was a tent sale in the field adjacent to hayes. I remember seeing the tents pitched up there before, so perhaps it’s a permanent thing.

We visited Mountain Factor, Gaynor Sports, Field and Trek, The Climbers Shop, Millets, Summit Trek, The shop opposite the climbers shop that used to be the Karrimor shop, Cunninghams, the climbers shop again, field and trek again, and finally the shop that used to be rock and run.

Guess which shop Sue finally bought her footwear at ………………….

That’s right, none of them.

To cap it all off we called in at the outdoor warehouse in Windermere on the way home, but no purchase was made.

That’s not really shopping is it?