What a Difference a Landlord (or Landlady) makes

Under Harry Redknapp Portsmouth football team reached heights beyond the levels that anyone would have thought possible, given the comparatively star free squad that he had to work with. Astute poaching by Spurs meant that Harry was on his bike, leaving his club in the charge of Tony Adams, one time Arsenal and England captain.

Adams lasted a matter of months in the job, unable to motivate his team to the levels that his predecessor had.

So it is with pubs

Running a pub these days is hard work, well paid hard work if you get it right (read, put your heart and soul into the job) and badly paid hard work if you get it wrong (read I’m the boss and I’m not going to take any notice of what my punters want).

I’m urging you to support your local pub, wherever you live in the UK. They are the heart and soul of any community, particularly rural communities, the like of which you’ll find in the Lake District and Cumbria. On our main website www.discoverthelakes.co.uk we offer our opinions on pubs in the Lake District.

I recently witnessed a thriving village pub undergo an Adamsesque like transformation, dragged down by people who frankly shouldn’t be in the customer service business. Happily, the place has now been taken on by people who understand that those on the other side of the bar are the reason for their existence and not the other way around.

Thus, the anglers arms in havethwaite has gone from a rating of 9/10 to 2/10 and back to 8/10 in a matter of months.

They’ve got a beer festival weekend coming up soon with more real ales than you can shake a stick at, music and dancing, muso’s jam sessions and delicious pub food to help the cask ales down,

I can’t think of any event (the Gold Cup excepted) that I’d rather attend in March

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