Tilberthwaite Walk

The weather in the lake District was fantastic yesterday and the bright autumn sunshine combined with lowered temeratures offered stunningly clear views. We decided to take advantage and drove up to Tilberthwaite. I can’t remember seeing a road sign, but if you drive through Coniston Village towards Langdale on the A593, you’ll see a minor road on your left after about 2 miles – that’s the access road. If you see a sign marked Hodge Close Only, you’ve gone too far. Follow the minor road for a mile or so and park in the obvious place on the left.

Normally there’s an odd car or two parked up, but on Saturday the place was packed, as was the National Trust car park. Looked like it might have been a volunteer day for erosion control/footpath building.

We followed the road past some cottages to a farm gate then elected to go left towards Wrynose Pass to a path above Lttle Langdale Tarn with a view of Pike of Stickle, Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark some distance away across the Great Langdale Valley.

We hung left, looking down at the bottom of Wrynose Pass until we met Greenburn Beck then followed the wall steeply uphill until we hit the summit and began to descend towards Tilberthwaite again. The path down requires a degree of dexterity, but soon leads back to the car parks which had more or less emptied.

Stopped at the Red Lion at Lowick for a bowl of chips with mayo, washed down with a pint of Dissy Blonde, before returning home.