The Lighthouse Cafe Windermere a beacon of culinary mediocrity?

I had high hopes of the Lighthouse Cafe. It is in an enviable position in the village with outside tables and on a sunny chilly October day it looked busy and inviting. We bagged a corner table and it was cleared swiftly and our order was taken by the ubiquitous East European as clearly all of us Cumbrians think service is beneath us these days! I ordered a mexican burger at £7.50 while the blonde ordered a spicy chicken wrap and chicken dippers for the young ‘un.

Things started well as my hot chocolate was great but it was downhill from there. The chicken wrap was less than lukewarm and the burger was the wrong side of tepid with a faintly unpleasant texture. The chips were not home made and the chicken dippers had transmogrified into cheap and nasty nuggets. My son is a connoiseur of nuggets and the best he could say was that they were edible.

Windermere is a tourist trap & I guess the owners don’t have to try too hard.

On a positive note if you just want a drink its a great place to relax and consider where you are going for lunch!